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When What Hazard Where Risk
2019-08-16 Protest Activities in Hong Kong, Weekend of 17-18 August - Update Civil Unrest Hong Kong SAR China
2019-08-16 Train Travel Disruption in Northern England Travel Disruption United Kingdom
2019-08-16 Civil Unrest in Zimbabwe Civil Unrest Zimbabwe
2019-08-16 Dengue Fever Outbreak in Cook Islands Dengue Fever Cook Islands
2019-08-16 Tram Workers Call for a Four-Hour Strike in Melbourne on 30 August - Update Travel Disruption Australia
2019-08-16 Ebola Spreads to New Province in Democratic Republic of the Congo Ebola Viral Disease Democratic Republic of the Congo - Kinshasa
2019-08-16 Technical Problem for Border Services Causes Nationwide Airport Delays Travel Disruption United States
2019-08-16 Avoid Soccer Match Between Rival Clubs in Belgrade on 18 August Civil Unrest & 1 more Serbia
2019-08-16 Closure of Important Street to Disrupt Travel in Cheltenham Travel Disruption United Kingdom
2019-08-16 Temporary Closure of Guayaquil Airport For Four Weekends- Ecuador Travel Disruption Ecuador
2019-08-16 Deadly Bomb Blast in Quetta - Pakistan Bombings & 2 more Pakistan
2019-08-16 Heavy Rainfall and Flooding Continue to Affect Several States Travel Disruption & 1 more India
2019-08-16 Strike Called for Central and Victoria Lines of the London Underground on 29-30 August Travel Disruption United Kingdom
2019-08-16 Flight Operations Resume at Shannon Airport Travel Disruption Ireland
2019-08-16 Planned Railway Worker Strike on 17 August to Affect 50% Services - Update Travel Disruption Belgium
2019-08-16 Women Protest Police Abuse 16 August Civil Unrest Mexico
2019-08-16 Public Sector Doctors Call for Multiple Strikes in August Civil Unrest Morocco
2019-08-16 Wildfires in Southern France Natural Disaster & 1 more France
2019-08-15 Fire in Sweden Disrupts Train Travel for Thousands Travel Disruption Denmark & 1 more
2019-08-15 Predicted Rain Could Cause Travel Disruption - U.K. Flooding & 2 more United Kingdom
2019-08-15 Dengue Fever Continues to be a High risk in Thailand - update Dengue Fever Thailand
2019-08-15 Cholera Outbreak in Village in District of Swat, Pakistan Cholera Pakistan
2019-08-15 Diphtheria Outbreak in Tamil Nadu, India Diphtheria India
2019-08-15 Weekend Protests to Continue in Hong Kong Civil Unrest & 1 more Hong Kong SAR China
2019-08-15 Ryanair Cabin Crew Unions Threaten 10 Days Strike in September - Spain Civil Unrest & 1 more Spain