Sitata’s APIs are Changing the Travel Landscape

Written by Kayla Meirinho

سبتمبر 1, 2020

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What is an API?

In general, an API is a way for two computers to exchange information with each other in a standardized and secure way. Most common is for two different companies to exchange information; however, a company can also use APIs to exchange information between two internal systems.

The Shift of the Landscape

APIs exist to facilitate easier and better information exchanges between companies or systems. This in turn can create better user experiences.

In the travel landscape, one example of how APIs exist is the ability for travel aggregator websites to gather and show information pulled from various booking websites into one place. Travellers can search for the best deals among airplane tickets, car rentals, accommodations, and more. They no longer need to open up different airline or hotel websites in different tabs and manually compare their options. These sites let users decide what they want and the website pulls the information available from different companies into one place, which streamlines the process of planning and booking. This is possible because APIs allow travel websites to acquire and integrate information from other websites easily.

Sitata ahead of the API Travel Curve to Keep Travellers Safe

What’s powerful about having an API is that a company can securely provide the data from outside its ecosystem to its customers, on its own platform. Sitatas APIs are used to deliver information that focuses on keeping travellers safe, informed, and prepared.

Sitata offers reliable, real-time travel intelligence. We go through countless amounts of information looking for travel disruptions and alerting travellers about what is relevant to their trip and how it might affect them. For example, they warned travellers in China (and those heading to China) on January 2 2020 well ahead of the curve.

Sitata’s APIs 

  • Pre-travel info – Country background information including health and safety topics like vaccination recommendations, health requirements, personal security info, areas to avoid, etc.
  • Real-time travel intelligence – When an event happens and we pick up on it, we can distribute it through our API so that our partners can deliver the information to their own users.
  • Assistance – Our partners can and have used our APIs to put travel assistance services and telemedicine into their own applications.
  • Travel restrictions / Entry requirements and Covid-19 data – Our latest initiative, Covid Checker, accessed directly here, is also available via API for our partners.

Sitata and Partners

Sitata works with partners looking to provide our actionable data in their own websites and platforms. Our clients design their own user journey by securely interjecting our data within their platform, leveraging our real-time updates that incorporate travel restriction and entry requirements surrounding the current Covid-19 pandemic, all accessible information alongside their existing services.  

Travel Insured International and are two partners currently using Sitata’s APIs to provide safety and entry data to their customers.

  • Travel Insured International uses Sitata for country background and alerting; assisting travellers to prepare for trips. They are informed of required vaccinations, places to avoid, common dangers, and sent alerts to changes in their itinerary and issues in their destination. These alerts include anything from protests and road closures, to natural disasters and travel restrictions.
  • leveraged the API to be able to respond to their clients’ questions regarding travel restrictions and Covid-19 specifically by using Sitatas API on Covid-19 updates and integrating it within their chatbot. This increases the user experience as travellers can rely on Eddy Travels to book their trips and get the benefit of having safety information delivered through their platform, powered by Sitata.

Sitata offers real-time travel solutions for travellers and companies alike. We give travellers the confidence to travel again, even in difficult times. APIs make it easy for companies to integrate pieces of Sitata to round out their safety and security features. Sitata is built in a way (through APIs) that allow these companies to plug the pieces they need into their existing online infrastructure.

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