How does Sitata keep their information up to date?

Written by Kayla Meirinho

سبتمبر 29, 2020

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Sitata focuses on protecting travellers. We help ease travel stress and deliver comprehensive data beneficial to any traveller or business.  Our information comes from reputable sources, is verified, and is constantly updated. Sitata uses a multi-step system to make sure that each traveller is provided with the most important and up to date information relevant to them. 

We understand the risks that come with travel, especially now. With uncertainty and constant changes, people need reliable updated information. People need to feel confident and prepared for the unexpected.

We take the stress out of planning and combine information about entry requirements (something we were doing even before Covid-19),  country profiles, medication and vaccination recommendations, and travel restrictions.

Whether it be for your team, valued customers, or yourself,  we keep you protected. Experience top quality information at your finger-tips. 

You can be confident with Sitata. Secure, trusted, and verified information – all the time.

Staying Updated

Sitata’s core service is built on systems for automatic detection and prevention of travel disruptions and threats, with state of the art machine learning processes filtering through news, state and local health, and government agencies. With entry requirements and restrictions, we have leveraged the same system so we have accurate insight to new or changing requirements.

But we don’t just rely on AI.

We have real life travel and safety analysts who go through and verify the information. If something changes, they manually check and vet sources to verify the information we are sending out is valid. They synthesize information from news outlets and organizations so readers stay alerted to relevant information, instead of wasting time sifting through what is not relevant to them.

Our last line of human interaction involves our editors. They check one last time, verifying information against the sources used, and then publish it; alerting travellers of possible concerns or changes along their trip.

For businesses

Sitata started because we were focussed on better assistance experience and helping people. It started with:

”Why do people need to search for a doctor’s phone number?”
So we complimented that by creating telemedicine. 

Then we thought:

“Why not inform people about country risks?” 
So we created country profiles. 

“What about disease and infections?” 
We give recommendations for medication and vaccinations. 

“Covid-19, what do we do about that?” 
We synthesize information from countless sources about changing travel restrictions and entry requirements and keep travellers updated about what they need. With every change a country makes, we let travellers know.

Our platform is the only platform that provides a full view for trips. It has information that pertains to pre-departure, during travel, and post travel. We keep travellers informed about what they can expect along the way.

We give travellers the security of knowing that we will alert them of any last minute changes.

Sitata is made up of comprehensive data that brands, websites, apps and more are integrating with the use of our APIs. Travel Insured International and use Sitata to provide their users with up to date travel and entry restrictions, and give them the confidence needed to travel again.

Use us as a standalone product, as an enhanced travel product for bundling up your services, or a loyalty program, whatever the case may be.

For travellers

Sitata is an app that conveniently and smoothly condenses all the information you could need for a trip. Travellers can send their itineraries to Sitata and the app does the rest. It goes through and determines your destinations, and provides relevant alerts to each country. You have access to country profiles, as well as their travel restrictions and entry requirements. This allows you to plan and adequately prepare everything needed to get into and out of the country you are visiting; whether it be booking Covid-19 testing, booking your accommodation in advance, preparing visas, or getting recommended vaccinations and medications. You have access to information regarding safety risks; areas to avoid, risks to be aware of, and how travel may be different for different kinds of travellers (going solo, being a female, etc).

Sitata is reliable and with its up to date real time information, you’ll always be prepared for any last minute changes.

Use Sitata

Rely on Sitata for your team, your business, or yourself. Our information will give you the security you’re looking for, and restore the confidence needed to keep your travels going. Wherever you go, whatever the reason, Sitata can be there from start to end, making sure you don’t miss out on a single detail.

If you’d like to discuss further about Sitata, please reach out to us

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