How to Make My Travel Health Kit? What Do I Need in it?

Written by Phalguni Sharma

أغسطس 25, 2023

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 A medical kit is common in domestic, academic, or professional settings. It is not confined to keeping in those places for emergencies. Rather, it is meant to be there with you to provide instant assistance anytime, anywhere.

The COVID-19 outbreak has heightened people’s awareness regarding the importance of hygiene and sanitation. Additionally, individuals have come to recognize the crucial necessity of having travel insurance coverage during their journeys. This ensures access to appropriate medical attention without incurring excessive expenses.

In this article we cover how to pack in a health kit, where to keep it and what are some essential medicines required while travelling.

How to pack in a medical travel kit?

Having the right medicines is essential. However, one wouldn’t want to fill the luggage with medications. Keep compact, travel-size medicines in your kit to keep it handy.

travel health kit

One may question what to pack in a basic travel medicine kit or how to pack an overseas travel medical kit. The answer lies in many aspects such as the destination, contents of your itinerary (whether you are planning to go surfing or camping), pre-existing medical conditions, medical ailments, allergies, etc. For example, one may require a mosquito repellant for camping but not in case of surfing. 

Therefore, make a list of activities you plan to do, study about the weather conditions of the destination and then choose which medicines are to be carried (Scroll down for a list of required medicines required for travelling).

Where to keep your medical kit box for travel?

Can we keep medicine in checked luggage? Can we keep medicine in the cabin bag? Which one is the right choice? 

As we know, you cannot carry specific items in your cabin luggage for safety purposes such as scissors. Always keep your kit in your checked luggage. One may keep some extra medicine in their cabin luggage if required during the journey. Ensure to carry a doctor’s prescription, especially if the medicine is injectable. 

Sitata has an immense network of doctors specialised in travel medicine.
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Travel Medical Kit Essentials

Now that we have given you an idea of how to organize your travel medical kit, let’s talk about some basic medicines you should keep in your kit.

  • Sanitizer
  • Pain relief
  • Thermometer
  • Bandages (of different sizes) 
  • Cotton
  • Antibiotic ointment, antifungal or antibacterial cream
  • ORS (in case you need hydration)
  • Antiseptic
  • Medication for motion sickness
  • Face masks
  • Toilet hygiene essentials
  • Antihistamine
  • Cold relief medication
  • Medicines for stomach-related troubles such as diarrhoea, antacids, and laxatives.

Note:-  Always keep the medicines in their original packaging to avoid any confusion and mishaps.


Before you begin, check the expiration dates of the medications. This preventive procedure ensures that the medications remain effective and do not pose any health hazards. It is best to maintain medications in their original packaging to avoid any potential mistakes. This package not only gives important information about the prescriptions but also reduces the possibility of a mix-up.

Finally, keep a copy of your prescription on hand for further piece of mind. This may be useful if authorities or medical personnel require proof of the medications you’re carrying. In summary, a well-prepared medical kit that considers dosages, expiration dates, packing, and prescriptions is an invaluable travel companion. Make sure you have all the vaccinations required for visiting the specific destination and also travel insurance that caters to all your needs. Try Sitata travel insurance that doesn’t only cover you for your mishaps, but also provides quick credits in case of emergency when you need extra money. Its other services such as telemedicine, flight tracking, and real time updates provide an extra layer of protection and confidence. Download our app now.

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