We Exist To Make Your Journey As Safe And Smooth As Possible

From Our Foundations In Emergency Preparedness

Sitata was founded by Dr. Ronald St. John, a world renown leader in the field of public health and emergency preparedness. Ron spent more than 35 years in the world of public health, consulted for various international governments and the World Health Organization, and retired as Canada’s first Director Of Emergency Preparedness for the country. During his tenure at Health Canada, Ron led a team to create a little known program called the Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN). GPHIN revolutionized the public health sector as it was the world’s first automated, digital disease surveillance system. Not soon after its launch, GPHIN was noted for its ability to detect the emerging SARS epidemic in 2002.

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To Global Travel Protection

We’ve taken the lessons learned from GPHIN and expanded upon them. We leverage the latest computer algorithms to detect not only disease outbreaks, but also safety concerns and anything else that might disrupt someone’s travels, all at a much faster pace and broader coverage level than other sources. Our content and services are designed with everything in mind to make your travels safer and easier.

Our mission is simple: to make your journey as same and smooth as possible.

An Interesting Name

We chose our name, SITATA, after an ancient deity named Sitātapatrā. Sitātapatrā is often known as the Goddess of the White Parasol and is a protector against supernatural danger. She is associated with the practice for healing illness, dispelling interferences and spirit harms, quelling disasters, and bringing success.

Our company objective is to help protect travellers, so we believe naming our company after Sitātapatrā is the perfect fit.