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Revolutionary Real-Time Assistance

Our passion is helping travellers stay safe. Sitata provides travellers around the world with health and safety advice and we connect them through their mobile devices to qualified, local doctors who can help them when they need it.

Sitata empowers travellers by allowing them to take their health into their own hands.


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How It Works

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I'm really not feeling good. Can anyone close by please help me?

Cindy isn't feeling well. She doesn't know if it's because of the questionable sushi she had for lunch or maybe something worse. She uses the Sitata mobile application to see if there are any local doctors that can help her.

Cindy's question is sent to all available local doctors for a response. She'll be notified whenever someone answers her, and after browsing all responses she can book an appointment with the doctor of her choice.

Doctor profile

Each doctor in the Sitata network has a profile that provides travellers with their background, qualifications, and clinical or housecall (optional) rates. It's even possible to have a real-time chat with Cindy to put her fears at ease and quickly arrange for an appointment.

Here's Why You Will Love It

Feel Good!

Enjoy the satisfaction in saving lives and helping millions of travellers stay healthy. Make them feel safe and at home so that they'll leave with a great impression of your country's hospitality.

Earn Supplemental Income

Sitata encourages travellers to book clinical visits or housecalls (if you opt-in). Set your own rates and method of payment for your services. You will be well compensated for doing what you love without having to worry about insurance company reimbursement procedures!

Learn From Leading Doctors

You can have consults with other doctors directly and read how some of the leading travel medicine doctors in the world answer health questions. Increase your knowledge every day!

Connect, Learn, & Have Fun

Work with colleagues in a high-energy, collaborative environment with people who are as passionate about helping visitors as you are!

Increase Your Worldwide Reputation

With a personal profile page and Sitata's global exposure, everyone in the world can learn about you and your achievements in medicine.

Revolutionize Assistance

Join us in revolutionizing travel healthcare and assistance by harnessing technology to innovate, save lives, and help millions feel good!

Join hundreds of doctors around the world and help travellers when they need it the most.

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