Sitata and 15below partner to build travel confidence for airlines and their passengers

Written by Madeline Sharpe

June 17, 2021


15below has integrated Sitata’s travel intelligence to help airlines communicate travel entry requirement information to passengers during COVID-19

Sitata and 15below are proud to announce a new partnership that will drastically reduce the effort required for airlines to communicate travel requirements to their passengers. Among the many challenges that airlines have had to deal with during the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the most difficult has been tracking the constantly changing entry requirements imposed by various nations and properly informing passengers about what is required of them.

By integrating travel confidence data provided by Sitata, a Canadian travel safety and risk management firm, 15below now has a platform that can be used by any airline to relay vital pre-flight travel information to passengers and keep them informed of any changes that might occur after they book their flights.

Sitata uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to track global travel disruptions or threats and was the first to launch a dedicated API for travel entry requirements. Since February of 2020, Sitata has been tracking changes across the globe to help travellers understand their entry requirements. With more than 300 daily updates, Sitata covers topics such as entry restrictions, if a COVID-19 test is required, or whether quarantine is enforced. The data also includes local concerns, such as if local restaurants are open or what social distancing measures are in place.

We’re very excited to be working with the world’s leading platform for pre-flight communications. By working together, 15below and Sitata will be able to further alleviate travel anxiety for millions of hopeful passengers around the world.

Adam St. John, CEO, Sitata

Sitata’s data is a valuable addition to the 15below platform, which is also available to help their customers collect mandated entry documents, such as health attestations and contact tracing information. Now the 15below platform can also help airlines notify passengers about entry restrictions, provide real-time updates for any changes, and help collect and consolidate mandatory entry documentation.

We’re thrilled to be launching this much-needed suite of solutions that we’ve developed together with Sitata. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our customers have continuously battled with changing requirements, so we anticipate the results of our partnership providing a much welcome respite for travel brands – and passengers – as the demand for travel picks up.

Nicholas Key, CEO, 15below

The additions to the 15below platform will be available to new and existing customers at the end of June. The two organizations will be discussing the features in a joint webinar presentation on June 24th, 2021 which is open for registration.

About Sitata:
With headquarters in Kitchener, Canada, Sitata is a global health, safety, and risk management provider. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Ronald St. John, a world-renowned leader in the field of public health and emergency preparedness, the company uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and innovative mobile technologies to keep travelers safe when abroad. Sitata combines technology and services to address a variety of industries including aviation, travel management, travel insurance, and assistance. Learn more at

About 15below:
The 15below platform is used by 57 of the world’s most successful travel brands including Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Ryanair, and Air Canada, providing them with the technology to stay connected to their passengers throughout their journey – from booking to arrival and beyond. Travel companies around the world use the platform to send as many as 3.7 million notifications every day, in real-time, connecting them with more than 870 million passengers each year. Find out more at

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