The Benefits of Travelling off the Beaten Path

Written by Harshitha Paderu

February 20, 2023


In “The Road Not Taken,” Robert Frost writes, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— / I took the one less travelled by, / And that has made all the difference.”

The definition of travel has undoubtedly changed since the COVID-19 era. Travellers nowadays want to make one-of-a-kind memories and bring back once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The itinerary of a pre-booked travel package or a local tour guide may or may not guarantee the difference one may be looking for.

So, what is “off the beaten path” travel? 

It is visiting places that are unknown to most tourists that distinguishes your experiences from others. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an episode of Bear Grylls’s ‘Man vs. Wild.” Travelling off the beaten path does not mean taking off to remote locations or getting stranded on islands. Although, even if you do, download SITATA’s Travel Safe app. You can always request for emergency assistance through the app. We will also keep you abreast of any possible travel disruptions, wherever you are! 

Travelling off the beaten path can be beneficial if you pick the right destination and the right travel season. What are these benefits?

  1.  Sustainability: Visiting unexplored regions helps promote sustainable development. The dollars you spend may help local communities grow. 
  2. Unique Experiences: Being away from the crowd, helps you have a more authentic and culturally rich experience. 
  3. Adventure: A little adventure never hurt anyone. Especially if you want to get out of your comfort zone. Traveling with a group is always fun, but a solo trip can be better if you want a little downtime. 
  4. New connections: Engaging with locals and other travellers may teach you a thing or two about local culture, language, food. Who knows, you may even find a travel companion for your next trip. 
  5. Affordable: A local bed and breakfast or sleeping under the stars has its own pros when compared to staying at 3-star or 5-star hotels. And of course, it’s easier on the pocket too. 
  6. Self-discovery: Making discoveries along the way to your unexplored, tucked-away destination and feeling closer to nature may lead you to self-awareness. Learning your values, your needs, and your passion can help you be the best version of yourself. 

If you are an avid traveller, tell us more about what you think are the benefits of taking “the road not taken.”  

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