30 Tips for Budget-friendly Travel

Written by Harshitha Paderu

February 23, 2023

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“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.”

– Paulo Coelho


Traveling is a fun and exciting way to discover new places, but if not done properly, it can also be expensive. However, there are ways to cut the cost of your trip without sacrificing the quality of your experience. Like Eugene Fodor said, “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” 

Here are some recommendations for travel on a budget:

  1. Plan ahead: Organizing your travel, lodging, and leisure activities in advance can help you find good offers and discounts. Booking tours in advance for discounts, giving you the added benefit of having your itinerary planned.
  1. Flexible travel dates: Hotel and flight costs differ according to the day of the week and the season. For better prices (and fewer crowds), try to travel during off-peak times.
  1. Use low-cost airlines: Low-cost airlines frequently offer prices that are less expensive than those of traditional airlines, but be aware of hidden charges like baggage fees.
  1. Avoid Airport Purchases: Avoid buying food or souvenirs at the airport. Carry snacks and meals with you for the flight.
  1. Choose your destination wisely: Take into account locations that provide affordable options for lodging, dining, and transportation. 
  1. Cheaper accommodations: Alternatives to luxury hotels that are still comfortable include homestays, hostels, and vacation rentals.
  1. Make your own meals: Eating out frequently can add up quickly. Attempt to find a hotel with a kitchenette so you can cook your own meals.
  1. Reduce commute costs –  Taxis and rental cars can be pricey. To save money, take public transportation or walk.
  1. Find free activities: Many cities offer free entry to museums, parks, and events. Dig them up!
  1. Utilize city passes: They frequently offer savings on well-known tours, attractions, and transportation.
  1. Use discount sites: Sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Travelzoo can offer discounts on activities, tours, and attractions.
  1. Use cash-back credit cards: Using cash-back credit cards can help you save money on your travel-related purchases. 
  1. Avoid tourist traps: Restaurants and gift shops in touristy areas usually have higher prices.
  1. Avail student discounts: If you’re a student, be sure to bring your student ID with you as many attractions offer student discounts.
  1. Use a money-saving app: Tracking your spending with apps like PocketGuard and Mint can help you identify where you can cut back.
  1. Local Fests: Look up nearby festivals and events to find entertaining and reasonably priced activities.
  1. Use free WiFi: Most hotels and coffee shops provide free WiFi, saving you money on data roaming fees. Use a VPN to be safe!
  1. Pack light: Carry only what you need to avoid paying for checked baggage.
  1. Bring your own bottle: Buying bottled water can be expensive. Carry a reusable water bottle that you can fill at hotel taps or water fountains.
  1. Local markets: Shopping at local markets can be very cost-effective. Additionally, it fosters the development of local communities.
  1. Bargain: In some countries, bargaining is a common practice when shopping for souvenirs and local goods. Don’t be ashamed!
  1. Find deals on local food: Look for street vendors, food trucks, and local restaurants for affordable and delicious food options.
  1. Take advantage of happy hours: Happy hours at bars and restaurants can offer discounts on food and drinks.
  1. Use a travel rewards program: Join a travel rewards program to earn points for flights, hotels, and activities.
  1. Rent a bike: Hiring a bike rather than a car can help you save money and offer an enjoyable means of getting around.
  1. Use a travel itinerary app: Apps like Google Maps and CityMapper can help you plan. Using SITATA’s travel safe app, you can add your itinerary and receive real-time updates that could possibly disrupt your travel, be it flight delays, or protests near your hotel.
  1. Travel off-season: Prices tend to be lower during off-peak travel seasons.
  1. Travel with a group: Splitting transportation and accommodation costs can help manage your budget. 
  1. Tour packages: Booking a tour package usually results in saving on lodging, meals, activities, and commute.
  1. Travel insurance: To protect your trip, look for low-cost travel insurance options. 

What are your views on budget-friendly travel? Do let us know!

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