Forbes – Extra Perks In Travel Insurance

Written by Madeline Sharpe

March 11, 2023


Christopher Elliott covered SITATA in Forbes while describing new services provided by travel insurance. SITATA’s travel alerts and safety check-in system were highlighted.

I asked Adam St. John, CEO of Sitata, to give me an idea of how these perks apply to real-world trips. He said forward-looking companies are focused on transforming insurance “from simply reacting to bad situations after the fact, into a service that proactively helps you have a smoother, worry-free journey.”

St. John described his company’s efforts to change travel insurance. Sitata has developed a travel alert service that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and a team of risk analysts who monitor the world for any type of event that could be a threat or disruption to your travels.

“For example, when Ovidio Guzman was arrested in Mexico, a wave of violence swept the country,” he says. “When this happened, we were able to detect where the violence was occurring and notify every Sitata member so they could stay out of harm’s way.”

The company also developed a 24/7/365 “easy chat” assistance service for every member, which provides a convenient way for members to receive concierge help for anything from rebooking requests to emergency travel assistance.

“Our members do not have to sift through policy wordings to find a toll-free number only to discover the complexities and frustration of dialing internationally,” adds St. John. “Instead, we’re a few taps away and can quickly answer by chat or text message.”

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