Do I Really Need Travel Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Written by Phalguni Sharma

July 15, 2023

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Travel insurance might be thought of merely just a formality by most travelers, but when it comes to saving you in the time of emergency, you realize what a hero it is. There are certain obligations one needs to follow prior to entering a foreign country, such as having repatriation and evacuation.

Travel insurance provides the necessary protection you require while travelling, whether you travel alone or with your family (even your pet!). As much as we expect our trip to be pleasant, we cannot risk our lives or belongings in a foreign land, with no acquaintance. With the new trend of digital nomadism, it has become even more important to stay covered while travelling with your valuables. 

We Ask You

Consider you’re on a business tour and your laptop gets stolen. You may somehow manage to attend your seminars and also present without your laptop. But losing it on your trip is a disaster. No one wants to incur a loss. Travel insurance can help you in such cases. With a few extra bucks, you may secure your belongings with ease.

Loss of documents or passport can be a bummer while travelling and one might be clueless about the next step. Travel Insurance plays a crucial role in such cases by stepping up and providing you with right assistance. 

Rented a car and got into an accident while travelling? No biggie. Travel insurance has got your back. Now tell us what you think about travel insurance, is it an unnecessary expenditure or a life savor?

What Does a Travel Insurance Cover?

Here’s the best part, with the advent in Insurtech industry, insurance has come a long way to provide what’s best for its customers. Obviously, the best for each customer cannot be decided with a single offering. One might require pet insurance and another might not. One might be travelling to have adventurous experiences that include activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, etc and another might just be travelling for business. 

Thus, every traveller has their own unique requirements, and so, travel insurance now comes with customisable bundles for you to select what you need cover for. 

Why do you need travel insurance?

Here is a list of things it covers:

Medical Expenses

Medical Accidents may happen anytime, anywhere. Travel insurance provides medical assistance and coverage like hospital expenses, medicines, laboratory tests and ambulance.

Personal Accident

While we pray nothing goes wrong, but just incase an unfortunate incident occurs, travel insurance covers for permanent disablement and accidental death. 

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

Emergency cases such as political unrest, etc that may require immediate evacuation can not just dig a hole in your pocket but leave you with none. Travel Insurance provides you with evacuation to a safer place or your home country and repatriation from situations like these without having your money spent on it.

Baggage cover

Travel insurance covers your expenses if your baggage is lost, stolen, delayed, or mishandled by your travel provider causing damage to your belongings. In case the baggage is delayed, travel insurance also covers for your replacement items, savior, isn’t it?

Trip Curtailment and Cancellation

There are various circumstances that may necessitate an early termination of your trip, and in some cases, you may even need to cancel your plans before departure. In such unfortunate events, travel insurance provides coverage for the expenses incurred due to non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements.

Trip Delay

Sometimes delays are unavoidable. If your travels are delayed due to serious weather conditions, natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricane. tornado, tsunami, etc.), industrial actions, hijacking, technical or other mechanical failures of aircraft or conveyances and the cancellation or postponement thereof due to such fault is entirely beyond your control, then travel insurance compensates you for your lost time. 

Additional Cost for Travel and Accommodation

If you find yourself in an emergency situation which requires hospitalization, you might incur additional costs because your travel plans have unexpectedly changed. Travel insurance covers additional costs of travel and accommodation to get you back to your home country.

Family Visit

It can be nice or sometimes even necessary for family members to join you in an emergency situation. Travel insurance covers the costs of two immediate family members to come visit you if you happen to become hospitlized when travelling.

Return of Children

If you happen to have a sudden illness or injury abroad and are unable to take care of your children, travel insurance covers the costs of travel and accommodation to return them back to your home country.

Hospital Cash Allowance

Some travel insurance provide with additional daily spending cash in the event that you are hospitalized.

Follow up Care

You might need additional medical attention after returning to your country of origin. This benefit covers additional medical expenses reasonably incurred immediately following discharge from a hospital within 90 days of return of your country of origin. Have you encountered an insurance that provides this? Sitata does!

Loss of Travel Documents

Losing your passport is worse than a nightmare. Travel protection helps you in case of loss of important documents. Some generous ones may also provide you with accommodation while you process your documents.

Personal Liability

When traveling abroad, it is crucial to give careful consideration to personal liability, as it ensures that neither you nor others suffer the consequences of any unintended mistakes. By obtaining travel insurance, you can obtain coverage in the unfortunate event of causing an accident or damage to someone else’s property. Additionally, travel insurance also provides protection for any legal expenses that may arise as a result.

Rental Car Coverage

When it comes to renting a vehicle, it is essential to carefully assess the extent of coverage provided by your current car insurance policy. This evaluation becomes particularly crucial when traveling internationally, as coverage limitations or exclusions may apply. To ensure peace of mind and minimize potential complications, exploring the option of supplementary insurance can be a prudent choice.

What’s More With Travel Insurance?

Not to miss, there are insurance companies that offer additional services such as flight monitoring, safety sharing, doctor on demand, etc to make your travel experience easier. Sitata travel protection plan is one such provider that offers what you actually need while travelling. Its proactivity doesn’t make you wait for days to get your claim so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Tried Sitata Travel Protection yet? Check it out now!

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