Travelling With Your Pet? Here is What You Need to Know.

Written by Phalguni Sharma

August 11, 2023

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Exploring the world or visiting another location while leaving your furry friend behind at home is not easy for a pet parent. However, taking them along comes with its measures. One must ensure having the right equipment to assist their pet and track their health and safety. 

What should I consider when travelling with my pet?

What do I need to know?

What should I carry?

Pet parents having these questions have landed in the right place. 

Here are 8 essential points one must not let go of if they plan to travel with their pet/s.

Consult with your veterinarian:

Your vet has the best knowledge of your pet and may suggest what to and what not to do. Discuss the location, mode of travel, and itinerary with them to get the best insight into your pet’s health and welfare. Just like you may need vaccine shots before visiting a location, your pet might too. Make sure to get them vaccinated to avoid any health hazards.

Travel Routine

You cannot simply subject your pet to a 5 to 6 hour excursion without forming a habit with them. Similar to travelling with a toddler, pets require breaks and may not be accustomed to sitting still for extended amounts of time. Make sure you take your pet on small trips before bringing them on longer ones. 

Pet travel insurance

Travel guidelines as per the transportation services

It is crucial to keep in mind the rules and regulations associated with travelling through railways, airlines, etc, and fulfil the requirements accordingly. For example, you may require a rabies vaccination certificate before travelling on an airline.

Check out these guidelines by Air India for a better understanding of how to ensure your pet has a comfortable journey.  

Comfortable Carriers for Travel

Carrying luggage along with your pet wouldn’t be a cakewalk. While the most comforting place for your pets to rest on is your lap, however, it is required to have a comfortable and compact kennel, to give your pet some space and have some by yourself too, be it accommodation or travel. 

Get a Pet Travel Insurance  

Having your pets as your travel partner is fun. However, some measures should be sensitively taken to ensure their welfare and safety while travelling. Pets might be vulnerable to changes in weather, and food, and they may become weary when travelling. Make sure you get pet travel insurance to have their expenses covered in case of an emergency. 

pet travel safety

Pet-friendly Accommodation 

It’s critical to make sure you reserve pet-friendly hotels. While these last-minute travel hiccups might be bearable while travelling alone, let’s avoid subjecting your pet to the same. Ensure that your accommodation welcomes pets, possibly with a green area for them to enjoy. Your pet might make new animal pals and participate in activities at a place that welcomes pets. 

Eating Habits

While experimenting with food is a must while travelling, make sure they eat healthy food they are comfortable with. Avoid feeding them immediately before a trip. Have at least an hour between eating and travelling to avoid motion sickness. 

Carry plenty of water with you to keep them hydrated. Your pet’s health may be impacted by dehydration brought on by travel and weather changes. As you travel, make sure they are properly hydrated and take them on walks to keep them active and refreshed.

DO NOT Leave Them Alone

It’s different from leaving your pet alone in an unfamiliar place than leaving them alone at home (not advised either). Due to their familiar surroundings, your pet may be able to survive a few hours alone at home. However, it is not safe when travelling abroad. Ensure their safety at all times. If necessary, purchase a microchip. Make sure they are never left in a car. They may become agitated and dehydrated as a result of the vehicle’s quick rise in temperature. You wouldn’t want your pet to experience this unpleasant circumstance.

pet safety

Summing it up

Let’s face it: we can’t go a day without our pets. Travelling with your pet can be challenging but rewarding. Making memories together while travelling is preferable to leaving them behind, missing them, or worrying about them throughout the journey. Planning your travel according to your needs can make your journey a breeze. 

Ensure you have their vaccination certificates, medicines, food and grooming supplies, and a comfortable kennel to rest in. Abide by the rules of airlines or other modes of transport to avoid any last-minute cancellations, delays, or extra charges. Keep them safe and hydrated. Do not abandon them. And you’re all set!

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