Top 5 Destinations to Visit During Winter

Written by Phalguni Sharma

August 18, 2023


“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” –Aristotle

Planning where to travel this winter? Winters are especially magical because time appears to stand still. Want to relish chilly winds, starry nights, and some hot chocolate? Some of these sombre nights reveal where the finest destinations are. Let us unveil some winter wonderlands for you to hit the right tourist spot on your next vacation.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

plitvice lakes national park, croatia to visit during winters

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Croatia’s best winter tourist spots and offers an unforgettable experience. Imagine walking through turquoise waters with white frost on the trees. Sounds magical. Doesn’t it? 

Although, you must know that the Upper Lakes may be closed during peak winters due to extensive snowfall and the risks associated with it. It’s better to be safe than sorry! However, the entrances to the Lower Lakes are open all year round. 

How much snow is too much snow for you? We’ve got you covered if you prefer basking under the sun on a chilly morning. If you dislike layering up, check out the tropical winter destinations below. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand in Winter

chiang mai, thailand in winter

Thailand’s Rose of the North, Chiang Mai, is a city encircled with misty mountains, golden temples, and lush rice terraces. It is not a place to be explored in two days. To really appreciate all of its magnificence, you must bide your time. The Thai markets, botanic gardens, and forests are sure to leave you rejuvenated.


mauritius in winters

Mauritius has beauty you’ve never seen before. The island is teeming with geographical phenomena that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Mauritius stands out as nature’s diverse delight with the Terres de 7 Couleurs (Seven Colored Earth), Le Morne, Laguna, and Sugar beaches, among many other tourist attractions.

Tallinn,  Estonia in Winter

estonia in winter

With a rich history and beautiful architecture, Tallinn is one of the best winter tourist attractions in the world. Tallinn is a great example of old and new coexisting, with something for everyone.  In the heart of Tallinn stands the defence-built Viru Gate, surrounded by local florists, enhancing its beauty tenfold. Loaded with museums and marketplaces, it offers endless exploration. Just make sure to bundle up!

Roatán, Honduras

roatan in winter

If you want to visit a place with an assortment of activities, then Roatan is your place. From horseback riding to shore excursions with monkeys, sloths, and iguanas to a chocolate factory tour (who has not dreamt of it? ), there’s something for everyone! If you are a beach person or a haunter of the woods, you will find this place worthwhile. 

As exciting as these locations are, we recommend travelling in peace while still having fun. 

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