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When What Hazard Where Risk
2019-10-19 Civil Unrest in Chile - New Information Civil Unrest Chile
2019-10-19 Nigerian Shia Muslims to Celebrate Arbaeen on 19-20 October Civil Unrest Nigeria
2019-10-19 Civil Unrest in Lebanon Civil Unrest Lebanon
2019-10-19 State of Emergency in Mopti Region of Mali until 31 October 2020 Security Alert Mali
2019-10-19 Anti-Government Protest in Haiti on 21 October Civil Unrest Haiti
2019-10-19 West Nile Virus Reported in State of Piauí, Brazil West Nile Fever Brazil
2019-10-19 France's Rail Strike Continues - Update Civil Unrest & 1 more France
2019-10-19 Monkeypox in Nigeria - New Information Nigeria
2019-10-19 State of Emergency Declared in Santiago - Chile Civil Unrest Chile
2019-10-19 Dozens Killed and Injured After Dam Collapse - Russia Flooding Russia
2019-10-19 Lebanon Solidarity Protests Across Europe Civil Unrest & 1 more Belgium & 8 more
2019-10-19 Tropical Storm en Route to Guam and Northern Mariana Islands Weather Guam & 1 more
2019-10-19 Campaign Rallies for Presidential Election in Argentina Travel Disruption Argentina
2019-10-19 UK: Solidarity Protest Outside Lebanese Embassy in London on 19 October Travel Disruption United Kingdom
2019-10-19 Iraq: Prominent Shia Cleric Calls for Anti-government Protest on 19 October Civil Unrest Iraq
2019-10-18 Contaminated Tap Water in Hanoi, Vietnam Environment Vietnam
2019-10-18 Warnings for Tropical Storm Affecting USA - Latest Information Weather United States
2019-10-18 Demonstration in Helsinki, Finland, 19 October Civil Unrest Finland
2019-10-18 Protests Reported in São Tomé and Príncipe Civil Unrest São Tomé & Príncipe
2019-10-18 Leishmaniasis in Libya Leishmaniasis Libya
2019-10-18 Large Procession in Lahore, Pakistan, 20 October Security Alert & 1 more Pakistan
2019-10-18 Demonstration in Budapest, Hungary, Against Turkish Action in Syria Civil Unrest & 1 more Hungary
2019-10-18 Protests Affecting Transportation in Santiago, Chile Civil Unrest & 1 more Chile
2019-10-18 Cabin Crew for Lufthansa Subsidiaries to go Ahead With Strike 20 October Travel Disruption Germany
2019-10-18 Weekend Protests in Hong Kong - 18 to 20 October Civil Unrest Hong Kong SAR China