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When What Hazard Where Risk
2018-02-16 Earthquake Strikes near Pinotepa de Don Luis, Mexico Earthquakes Mexico
2018-02-16 State of Emergency in Ethiopia Civil Unrest Ethiopia
2018-02-16 Hepatitis A Outbreak Continues to Expand in Michigan, USA - update Hepatitis A United States
2018-02-16 Tropical Storm Approaching Northern Western Australia Weather Australia
2018-02-16 Risk of Eruption at Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia Volcano Indonesia
2018-02-16 Rail Strike in United Kingdom on 3 March 2018 Civil Unrest United Kingdom
2018-02-16 French SNCF Railway Workers to go on Nationwide Strike on 22 March, 2018 Civil Unrest France
2018-02-16 Malaria Increases in Bago Region, Myanmar Malaria Myanmar (Burma)
2018-02-16 Dengue and Zika Viruses Are Present in Three Provinces in Peru Dengue Fever & 1 more Peru
2018-02-16 Demonstration Expected in Bolivia, 21 February 2018 Civil Unrest Bolivia
2018-02-16 Possible Protests in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala 16 February 2018 Civil Unrest India
2018-02-16 Political Tension Over Tanzania By-Elections Civil Unrest Tanzania
2018-02-15 Presidential Election in Sierra Leone Security Alert Sierra Leone
2018-02-15 Large Sinkhole in Rome, Italy Accident & 1 more Italy
2018-02-15 Protest March on 17 February 2018 in Krakow, Poland Civil Unrest Poland
2018-02-15 Update on Strike in Ethiopia Civil Unrest Ethiopia
2018-02-14 Dutch Transavia Pilots Plan Work Stoppage in February 2018 Civil Unrest Netherlands
2018-02-14 Rail Strike in France 15 February 2018 Civil Unrest France
2018-02-14 Many Malaria Deaths in Past 10 Days in Benguela Province, Angola Malaria Angola
2018-02-14 Measles Outbreak Declared in Zamboanga City, Philippines Measles Philippines
2018-02-14 Demonstrations Planned for 15th February in Johannesburg, South Africa Civil Unrest & 1 more South Africa
2018-02-13 Protests Across Bahrain from 13 to 16 February 2018 Civil Unrest Bahrain
2018-02-13 Measles Outbreak in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France Measles France
2018-02-13 Gastrointestinal Outbreak in Kolkata, India Food and Water Contamination & 1 more India
2018-02-13 Severe Storm Damage in Tonga after Intense Tropical Cyclone GITA Natural Disaster Tonga