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When What Hazard Where Risk
2017-02-21 Flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia Flooding & 1 more Indonesia
2017-02-21 International airport in French Polynesia reopens Weather French Polynesia
2017-02-21 Dengue fever present in Nicaragua Dengue Fever Nicaragua
2017-02-21 Chikungunya outbreak in Philippines Chikungunya Fever Philippines
2017-02-21 In Nepal, month of protests and strikes beginning February 21, 2017 Civil Unrest Nepal
2017-02-21 1 million people at risk of famine in South Sudan South Sudan
2017-02-20 Post election tensions and protests in Ecuador Civil Unrest Ecuador
2017-02-20 Civil unrest in Guinea during teacher's strike Civil Unrest Guinea
2017-02-20 Flooding closes Faa'a International Airport in Papeete, French Polynesia Flooding French Polynesia
2017-02-20 Mass meetings in Nepal from March 4 to 18, 2017 Civil Unrest Nepal
2017-02-20 Dengue fever in Malaysia – Summary Update Dengue Fever Malaysia
2017-02-20 Tropical cyclone ALFRED expected to reach northern Australia Weather Australia
2017-02-19 Protests on President's Day, February 20, 2017, in cities across the United Sates Civil Unrest United States
2017-02-19 Transportation workers announce a walk-out for February 22, 2017, United Kingdom Civil Unrest United Kingdom
2017-02-19 Live poultry markets closed in China after avian flu outbreak China
2017-02-18 Yellow fever continues to increase in Brazil Yellow Fever Brazil
2017-02-18 Vietnam working on prevention of commonly found dengue fever Dengue Fever Vietnam
2017-02-18 Malaria surges in Mozambique Malaria Mozambique
2017-02-18 Diphtheria problem continues in various states of Venezuela Diphtheria Venezuela
2017-02-17 Powerful storm brings flooding and landslides to Southern California this evening, February 17, 2017 Flooding & 1 more United States
2017-02-17 Dengue fever increasing in Vanuatu Dengue Fever Vanuatu
2017-02-17 Cholera outbreak in Mozambique Cholera Mozambique
2017-02-17 Avian influenza outbreaks are unusually high China
2017-02-17 Anti-Uber protests by taxi drivers in Italy Civil Unrest Italy
2017-02-17 Terrorist attacks in Pakistan Bombings Pakistan