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When What Hazard Where Risk
2018-07-22 Wildfire Spreading Near Yosemite National Park, California, USA Natural Disaster United States
2018-07-22 Many Killed in Boko Haram Attack on Village in Chad Armed Conflict & 2 more Chad
2018-07-22 Suicide Bomb at Kabul Airport, Afghanistan Armed Conflict & 1 more Afghanistan
2018-07-22 Earthquakes Shake Iran Earthquakes Iran
2018-07-22 Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding and Landslides in Northern Philippines Flooding & 1 more Philippines
2018-07-22 Heatwave in Japan Weather Japan
2018-07-22 Typhoon AMPIL Hits Shanghai, China Travel Disruption & 1 more China
2018-07-22 Eleven Killed in Taxi Violence, South Africa Armed Conflict South Africa
2018-07-21 Tropical Storm SON TINH Damages Vietnam Flooding & 1 more Vietnam
2018-07-21 London Underground Workers Strike on August 3, 4, in England Civil Unrest & 1 more United Kingdom
2018-07-21 Thousands Protest Against Detention Policy on 21 July, Australia Civil Unrest Australia
2018-07-20 Nationwide Strike Planned for 22 July, Israel Civil Unrest & 1 more Israel
2018-07-20 Flight Disruptions in Japan, Taiwan Airlines Due to Tropical Storm AMPIL Travel Disruption & 1 more Japan & 1 more
2018-07-20 West Nile Fever in Greece - Update West Nile Fever Greece
2018-07-20 Cholera Outbreak in Nigeria - Update Cholera Nigeria
2018-07-20 Bus Passengers Wounded in Lubeck, Germany Violent Crime Germany
2018-07-20 Dengue Fever in Russian Tourists Visiting Brazil Dengue Fever Brazil
2018-07-20 Dengue Fever in Russian Tourists Visiting Indonesia Dengue Fever Indonesia
2018-07-20 Dengue Fever in Russian Tourists Visiting Vietnam Dengue Fever Vietnam
2018-07-20 Dengue Fever in Russian Tourists Visiting Thailand Dengue Fever Thailand
2018-07-20 More Dengue Fever in Myanmar Dengue Fever Myanmar (Burma)
2018-07-20 Dengue Fever Outbreak in Yemen Dengue Fever Yemen
2018-07-20 Change in Industrial Action for Rail Workers in Spain Civil Unrest Spain
2018-07-20 Tropical Storm AMPIL Now en route to China - Update Weather Chile
2018-07-19 Wildfires in Oregon Natural Disaster United States