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When What Hazard Where Risk
2017-05-28 Malaria increases in Lubero in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo Malaria Congo - Kinshasa
2017-05-28 Dengue fever in Honduras Dengue Fever Honduras
2017-05-28 Zika virus reported in India Zika Fever India
2017-05-28 Tropical storm TWO enroute to Myanmar and Bangladesh Weather Bangladesh & 1 more
2017-05-28 Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo - update Ebola Viral Disease Congo - Kinshasa
2017-05-28 Chaos continues at Gatwick and Heathrow airports, U.K. Travel Disruption United Kingdom
2017-05-28 Strict curfew in place in Indian-administered areas of Kashmir Civil Unrest India
2017-05-28 Thousands of people affected by dengue fever in Peru Dengue Fever Peru
2017-05-27 Monsoon rains cause deadly flooding and mudslides in Sri Lanka Flooding & 2 more Sri Lanka
2017-05-27 Three-day rail strike in Greece to begin May 30, 2017 Civil Unrest Greece
2017-05-27 Large-scale protests in Kashmir Valley Civil Unrest India & 1 more
2017-05-27 Major travel disruption at Heathrow and Gatwick due to IT failure for British Airways Travel Disruption United Kingdom
2017-05-27 Leishmaniasis is emerging infection in Nepal Leishmaniasis Nepal
2017-05-27 Dengue fever likely to increase with the hurricane season in Mexico Dengue Fever Mexico
2017-05-27 Dengue fever in Thailand Dengue Fever Thailand
2017-05-26 Vaccine strain polio outbreaks in Democratic Republic of the Congo Polio Congo - Kinshasa
2017-05-26 Increased malaria in Mpumalanga, South Africa Malaria South Africa
2017-05-26 Update on military operation in southern Philippines Armed Conflict Philippines
2017-05-26 Another attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt Security Alert & 2 more Egypt
2017-05-26 Civil unrest in Bahrain turns violent with 5 deaths Civil Unrest Bahrain
2017-05-25 Local elections in Cambodia set for June 4, 2017 Civil Unrest Cambodia
2017-05-25 National 24-hour civil service strike in Portugal Travel Disruption Portugal
2017-05-25 Suicide bombing in bus terminal in Jakarta, indonesia Bombings Indonesia
2017-05-25 Hand, foot and mouth disease in Guangdong Province, China Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease China
2017-05-25 More protests feared in Turkey Civil Unrest Turkey