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When What Hazard Where Risk
2017-09-21 Measles epidemic in Greece? Measles Greece
2017-09-21 Another area for chikungunya fever in Italy Chikungunya Fever Italy
2017-09-21 Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego County, California, declared a public health emergency Hepatitis A United States
2017-09-21 Intense Hurricane MARIA strikes Puerto Rico - update Weather Bahamas & 7 more
2017-09-20 Los Angeles County, California, declares an outbreak of hepatitis A Hepatitis A United States
2017-09-20 Protests in Togo 20-21 September 2017 Civil Unrest Togo
2017-09-20 Political tensions in Spain over Catalan's push for independence Civil Unrest Spain
2017-09-19 Magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Puebla State, Mexico Earthquakes Mexico
2017-09-19 Measles epidemic continues in Romania Measles Romania
2017-09-19 Reported cases of hepatitis A double in the state of São Paulo, Brazil Hepatitis A Brazil
2017-09-19 Deaths due to dengue fever increase in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Dengue Fever Pakistan
2017-09-19 Dengue fever increases in Delhi, India Dengue Fever India
2017-09-19 Possible outbreak of yellow fever in Kwara, Nigeria Yellow Fever Nigeria
2017-09-19 Japanese encephalitis vaccine warning in Philippines Japanese encephalitis Philippines
2017-09-19 Suicide bombings target aid distribution point in northeast Nigeria Armed Conflict & 2 more Nigeria
2017-09-19 Ongoing protests in Haiti over proposed new taxes Civil Unrest Haiti
2017-09-18 Security notice for Niger Credible Terrorist Threat Niger
2017-09-18 Pneumonic plague outbreak in Vakinankaratra region, Madagascar Plague Madagascar
2017-09-18 Hurricane MARIA approaching Caribbean islands - update Weather Dominican Republic & 7 more
2017-09-18 Hurricane JOSE moves north along eastern coast of USA Weather United States
2017-09-17 West Nile Fever in USA - update West Nile Fever United States
2017-09-17 Unusual cases of malaria in visitors to Cyprus Malaria Cyprus
2017-09-17 Chikungunya fever is probably widespread in Sindh, Pakistan Chikungunya Fever Pakistan
2017-09-17 Sporadic cases of malaria appear in Greece Malaria Greece
2017-09-17 Tropical storm MARIA en route to Dominica and other Caribbean islands Weather Dominican Republic & 4 more