Acute encephalitis deaths increase in Uttar Pradesh, India (update)

Fifteen children have died from acute encephalitis (brain inflammation) in the past 3 days. So far this year, 271 children have died from this illness. While some of the cases may be due to Japanese encephalitis and others due to water-borne intestinal viruses (enteroviruses), the cause of illness is many cases remains unknown. Most of the recent cases have occurred in and around Gorakhpur and its adjoining districts of Kushinagar, Siddharth Nagar and Sant Kabir Nagar.

To reduce the risk of contracting Japanese encephalitis virus, travellers to this area should consider vaccination against this disease. To reduce the risk of exposure to enteroviruses, travellers should follow water and food safety recommendations very carefully.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Encephalitis and Japanese encephalitis.

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