Airline flight cancellations due to Ebola in West Africa

The following airline companies have suspended or completely cancelled all flights as follows:

  • Kenyan Airways has temporarily suspended flights from Liberia and Sierra Leone into Nairobi.

  • Asky Airlines has suspended flights to and from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

  • Arik Air and Gambia Bird have suspended services to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

  • British Airways has suspended flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone until at least 31 August 2014.

  • Ceiba Intercontinental has suspended flights to west African countries.

  • Emirates Airlines has suspended flights to Guinea.

  • Korean Air has suspended flight to and from Kenya.

  • Airlines that are still operating include:

  • Royal Air Maroc and Brussels Airlines are still operating but on modified routes and schedules.

  • Delta and Air France continue to operate as normal however Delta is due to cease flying to Monrovia, Liberia at the end of August.

Further suspensions may be put in place at short notice. Before travelling by air in Africa, travellers should contact their airline for the latest information on service changes that may affect travel plans.

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