Another case of polio in Nigeria

A third case of polio has been diagnosed in a 2 year old child from the Monguno area in the state of Borno. This infected child is linked to the 2 other cases diagnosed in August. A large immunization campaign is underway to minimize additonal spread.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Polio.

Advice For Travellers

Prior to these new cases, Nigeria was close to achieving the elimination of polio. However, these cases have occurred in an area that had been controlled by the Boko Haram militants, who did not permit vaccination activities in the controlled territories. Although the risk for the general traveller is low, all travellers in any country that reports cases of polio can reduce their risk of exposure to polio virus by ensuring that their childhood vaccinations, including polio, are up-to-date prior to travelling.