Another suicide bombing in Maroua, Cameroon

A suicide bomber has killed 20 people and injured at least 79 in an attack on a popular bar in Maroua, Cameroon. The bomber was reportedly 12 years old.

Advice For Travellers

There is a general threat from terrorism from the Boko Haram Islamist militant group, who have threatened Cameroon with attacks due to Cameroon’s joining a multinational force to fight the Boko Haram. Anyone travelling in Cameroon should avoid areas such as police stations, government buildings, or crowded areas, such as markets.

Authorities have banned the burqa in the Far North region. Also, local authorities have banned motorbikes at night and tinted windows in vehicles.

Many countries advise against any travel to the Far North province; to within 40 kilometers of the border with Nigeria’s Adamawa state in Cameroon’s North and Adamaoua provinces; to within 40 kilometers of the borders with both Chad and the Central African Republic and Cameroon’s Bakassi Peninsula.