Armed conflict and safety concerns in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The UNHCR, a UN refugee agency has expressed deep concern about the displaced people in refugee camps near the North Kivu provincial capital, Goma. Soldiers and unidentified armed men are present in the camps causing concern for safety. Recently there have been other incidents in which gunmen looted or robbed homes around the camps and several shootings occurred during these incidents. Also recently, armed men have entered camps and raped several women. Around Goma, the larger security situation remains difficult with the presence of troops, rebel fighters and other armed groups. Unrelated armed conflict in northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo has led to about 4,000 people fleeing across the border into South Sudan (from Agorobo villages in the DRC Orientale). The security situation is difficult in the eastern and northeastern regions, including North and South Kivu Provinces and the Ituri district of Orientale Province.

Some countries advise their citizens to avoid non-essential travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Travellers should be aware of the lack of personal safety.

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