Bombings and attacks kill 6 and injure at least 11 in Thailand's restive south

Three people were killed and at least 11 injured in separate bomb blasts in Thailand's southern border regions with Malaysia. Four died from shooting and arson attacks. One attack targeted a karaoke bar in Padang Besar (Sadao district). Six bombings occurred in the Sungai Golok district of the Narathiwat province. A bomb exploded in the Than To subdistrict of Yala. Another bomb exploded in front of Top Asia Hotel on Soi Pracha Vivat 2. Fires broke out at three locations on this street causing some power outages.

Advice For Travellers

Travellers should be aware of the political tensions in the southern Muslim-majority areas that border Malaysia, that have led to 6,300 people killed since 2004. Rebel groups are believed to be fighting for an independent state.

Most countries advise their citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to the provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla on the Thai-Malaysia border.