Cases of hepatitis A continue to increase in Hawaii, USA

The number of people infected with hepatitis A in Oahu has grown to 93 cases, 23 of whom have required hospitalization. The specific source of the outbreak is not clear yet, in spite of extensive investigation. Employees at 3 food establishments (a sushi restaurant at the Waikoloa Beach Resort on Hawaii Island; Taco Bell in Waipio; and Baskin-Robbins ice cream at Waikele Center) are among the cases, but it is not certain where these employees were infected or if they have been a source of infection for other people.

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Advice For Travellers

The risk for the general traveller is low, but any traveller who consumed food at these establishments during the month of June or July and who becomes ill with the symptoms of hepatitis A should consult their health care provider. Travellers should be aware that hepatitis A is preventable through vaccination. When there is a risk of exposure to hepatitis A virus, travellers can reduce this risk by obtaining the vaccine prior to travelling and by exercising caution and avoiding consuming contaminated food and water.