Clashes in Kiev (Ukraine) between protesters and police

Early reports indicate dangerous clashes between protesters and police in Kiev in front of the parliament building. Demonstrators tried to break down a fence around the building and police responded with tear gas. One report states that at least 5 security officers were injured when a grenade was thrown into a crowd of police. Journalists in the area report that members of the radical group, Right Sector, were brutally attacking police officers. People are throwing stones and smoke bombs.

Advice For Travellers

Travellers in Kiev should avoid the area around the parliament building. Road traffic is blocked near the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada building.

Travellers should be aware of recent political tensions around amendments to the constitution proposed by the president. Sitata reminds travellers to minimize safety risk by avoiding all large public gatherings and protests since even a peaceful rally can quickly and unexpectedly escalate into violence.