COVID-19 Precautionary Measures in Mozambique (8 August Update)

Airline Restrictions and Relaxation

  • The civil aviation authority of Mozambique has suspended international passenger flights.

  • The national carrier, LAM Mozambique Airlines, is currently operating domestic flights.

Border Restrictions

  • Entry into Mozambique is limited to nationals and foreign nationals with valid residency visas.

  • The Ressano-Garcia/Lebombo post near Komatipoort is the only open land border between South Africa and Mozambique, for cargo only.

  • Health screening measures have been imposed at entry/exit points.

  • All arriving travellers must self-quarantine for 14-days.

  • All DIRE and temporary visas have been extended until 30 September.

Curfew Restrictions

  • A state of emergency has been re-imposed for 30 days till 6 September which limits some movement in Mozambique, however there is no curfew at this time.

Social Distancing Restrictions and Relaxations

  • The resumption of social and economic activities will happen in three phases:

  • In the first phase, starting 18 August, face-to-face classes in military academies, teacher-training institutes, health institutes, technical-professional institutes, and higher educational institutions will be resumed. Religious gatherings with a maximum of 50 people will also resume.

  • In the second phase, starting from September, gyms, cinemas, casinos, driving schools, and other non-essential businesses will be allowed to reopen.

  • In the third phase, starting on 30 October, classes of Grade 12 as well as all activities which are considered as high risk may resume.

  • Non-essential businesses are either closed or permitted to continue services under strict social distancing measures. Employees should work in teams that comprise only one-third of the total workforce of the establishment. The teams should have a turnover every 15 days.

  • All tourist activities, and public and private meetings, such as religious ceremonies, cultural events, and sports, are prohibited.

  • The social assembly of more than 20 people is not permitted.

  • Museums and galleries are allowed to resume.

  • Theatres, libraries, bars, and gyms are temporarily closed.

  • Beaches will also remain closed for leisure activities, except for fishing.

  • Face masks are mandatory for all people while in public places, including markets, public transport, and along roadsides.

  • Markets are open from 6:00 to 17:00 hrs.

  • Violating the emergency measures will lead to penalties under criminal law.

Transportation Restrictions and Relaxations

  • Motorbike-taxis and bicycle-taxis are now allowed back on roads. They are restricted to one passenger and face masks are mandatory.

  • Buses or mini-buses are permitted.

Advice For Travellers

The COVID-19 epidemic is constantly changing worldwide. This information is subject to change as the situation evolves. Travel and border restrictions may change with little or no notice. Some countries are beginning to remove some restrictions gradually. Check with your airline, booking agent, or country's embassy for information on your specific travel plans