Current situation of the new coronavirus in the Middle East (update)

As of mid-May, there have been 22 cases of the new coronavirus (now called MERS-CoV) causing an outbreak of serious respiratory illness in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The actual total number of cases reported to the World Health Organization by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Germany, the UK, France and Tunisia is now 44 laboratory confirmed cases, including 22 deaths. All cases have been linked to exposure in the Middle East.

Tunisia is the latest country to report cases of this illness (3 cases including 1 death) that are related to travel in Saudi Arabia and Qatar (1 fatal case) and limited spread to the family members (2 recovered cases).

There is a very low risk of exposure for travellers due to the limited number of cases and the apparent lack of widespread transmission in local communities. The World Health Organization has not issued any travel advisories related to this virus. As a general precaution, travellers in the Middle East should exercise the usual precautions to avoid respiratory infection, i.e., frequent hand washing and avoidance of persons with severe coughs.

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