Deadly political violence continues in Egypt - Update

In the early morning hours today, police and military forces allegedly opened fire at sit-in protesters in front of the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo. Others claim thugs attacked the protesters and the military opened fire to disperse the thugs. Described by some as a “massacre”, at least 42 are dead, including women and children and at least 300 injured. The military claim that a terrorist group had tried to storm the building where they believe the ousted president is staying. At this time, it is not clear who fired at what group or who fired first.

Travellers should avoid travel to Egypt until the political situation and the personal security situation stabilise. Some countries are advising citizens in Egypt to leave now. If already in the country and not leaving, maintain a low profile and stay close to a place of safety, i.e. a hotel or home base. Avoid travelling around cities or around the country at this time as violence can break out quickly and unexpectedly and foreigners could be targeted.