Deaths due to Japanese encephalitis in Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, India

The highest number of deaths in India due to Japanese encephalitis has been reported by the state of Assam (85 deaths, many of whom are children). Through the end of November, there were 416 people infected with this virus in this state. The states of Uttar Pradesh and Odisha had the second and third highest number of deaths (68 deaths and 39 deaths, respectively).

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Advice For Travellers

In Assam, based on the number of deaths as a percent of the number of reported cases, the mortality due to Japanese encephalitis infection is quite high (17% to 20%). Travellers to areas where this virus is circulating can reduce their risk of exposure to Japanese encephalitis virus by taking all necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Vaccination against Japanese encephalitis is recommended for travellers especially when visiting rural areas or engaging in agricultural activities such as rice cultivation.