Deaths from chikungunya in Pernambuco, Brazil

In one week, there were 10 new deaths due to chikungunya infections. The total number of deaths so far this year has now reached 46. The capital city of Recife has reported 17 of the deaths, while many other municipalities are reporting sporadic cases who have died.

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Advice For Travellers

Although the Zika epidemic has received far greater media attention, travellers should be aware that the chikungunya virus is transmitted by the same mosquito. While the risk of exposure for travellers may vary from place to place in the state, it may be high in some localities.

All travellers to areas where chikungunya fever virus is active can reduce their risk of exposure to this virus by taking all necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Many persons with chikungunya fever do not seek medical care and are not reported to health authorities. This may account for the low numbers of reported cases in many countries. There may be many more cases in the community that are not reported. Chikungunya virus infections may have long lasting health consequences.

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