Demonstrations across France on October 15, 2016

The United States Embassy in France has posted a notice that there will be demonstrations across France on Saturday, October 15, to protest free-trade agreements. Some planned demonstrations are as follows:

  • Paris at Place Stalingrad at 15:30 and march to Place de la République
  • Aix-en-Provence at Allées Provençales at 15:00
  • Dijon at Place F. Rude at 10:30
  • Valence at Place Porte Neuve at 14:00
  • Toulouse at City Centre at 15:00
  • Bordeaux at Place Camille Julian at 15:00
  • Rennes at Place de la Mairie at 15:00
  • Nancy at Place Charles III 10:00
  • Lyon at Place Saint Jean at 11:00

Advice For Travellers

Avoid public demonstrations or protests. These situations can escalate and turn violent unexpectedly.

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