Dengue fever outbreak in the tourist resort of Madeira continues to spread (update)

The number of reported cases of dengue fever in the outbreak that began in October has reached 1,819 cases. There have been no deaths reported, but 118 people required hospitalisation. The number of tourists who had dengue fever when they returned home has also increased. A total of 43 visitors from Portugal, the UK, Germany, Sweden, France, Finland, Denmark, Spain, and Slovenia became infected while visiting Madeira.

Due to incomplete reporting, lack of access to health care in some areas, and the fact that many persons with dengue fever may not seek medical care and be reported to health authorities, there may be many more cases in the community than are reported. Travellers to these areas can reduce their risk of exposure to dengue fever virus by taking all necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Dengue Fever.