Drought and fires affecting tourists in France

A drought has affected much of France, and fires have broken out around the country, fueled by high temperatures and hot winds. About 10,000 tourists were evacuated from campsites in the region of Provence in France after fires broke out and rapidly spread. Other tourist areas affected include Frejus, Gorges du Verdon, and the western edges of the city of Bordeaux.

The heat wave has also affected tourists and climbers in the French Alps. Authorities have warned of the risk of avalanches on Mont Blanc as the warm temperatures soften the snow pack. The mayor of Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains has advised against going to Mont Blanc at this time.

Much of eastern France is under an orange alert, which also affects farmers and calls on residents to ration water.

Advice For Travellers

Be prepared to deal with high temperatures, possibility of forest fires, and avoid mountain climbing due to the risk of avalanche.

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