E.coli epidemic in Germany is easing but deaths and infections continue to be reported.

Although each day the number of new cases of the rare epidemic strain of E.coli in Germany is declining, another death brings the total to 37. The latest death occurred in a 2 year old and is the youngest so far. The child's father and 2 siblings were also infected. So far a total of 3,235 cases have been recorded, most of whom reside in northern Germany. At least 728 have developed the relatively rare complication known as haemolytic uremic syndrome that damages the kidneys. A significant proportion of these cases will require kidney transplants or life-long dialysis treatments.

Travellers in northern Germany should still avoid consuming the contaminated vegetable sprouts that have been implicated as the cause of the epidemic. There may be other affected farms and all infected produce may not be completely cleared from retail markets.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Food and Water Contamination.

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