Election day in Nigeria includes spordic violence in various places

There were multiple incidents of violence in various parts of Nigeria during election day.

Boko Haram - to intimidate voters, the following attacks occurred:

  • 25 people killed in attack on the town of Miringa in the state of Borno
  • 14 people killed in attacks on the towns of Biri and Dukku in the state of Gombe.
  • 2 people killed at polling stations in the towns of Birin Bolawa and Birin Fulani in the state of Gombe.
  • 4 towns in the state of Yobe invaded, but no reports of casualties.

Other violence -

  • 3 people killed in the state of Rivers.
  • Two car bomb explosions also ripped through polling stations in the southeast, but there were no reports of casualties.

Due to difficulties with electronic voting machines, voting time has been extended. Travellers should avoid all travel in Nigeria during this period.