Expanded curfew in cities in Turkey

The Turkish government has declared a curfew for October 8 for a number of cities in southeastern Turkey, including six districts of Mardin, Erciş district of Van, Kurtulan district of Siirt, Batman and seven districts of Diyarbakır, Mardin, Batman, Van, Siirt and Mus. The curfews are in response to the violent protests that occurred on October 7.

Emergency travel restrictions have been imposed in districts of Mardin, Van, Siirt, Batman, and Diyarbakir provinces.

For Kızıltepe, Nusaybin, Savur, Derik, Mazıdağı and Dargeçit districts, government authorities have advised people to remain in their homes. In Diyarbakir, authorities have banned people from leaving their homes between 10 pm and 7 am in the districts of Bağlar, Kayapınar, Sur, Yenişehir, Bismil, Silvan and Lice. Schools have been closed for several days.

Some commercial airline flights to and from Diyarbakır have been cancelled as a result of the civil unrest.

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