Flood warnings in Texas as Tropical Storm Bill approaches Texas

Tropical Storm Bill is expected to make landfall Tuesday along the Texas coastline, mainly from Baffin Bay to High Island. Residents in Texas, southwestern Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma can expect heavy rainfall, high winds, and flooding. There is a flash flood watch for north Texas from 07:00 Tuesday through 19:00 Thursday due to heavy rain in the forecast.

Advice For Travellers

Travellers should be aware that the greatest risk is Tuesday through Thursday. Follow the advice of local authorities and follow the weather forecasts. Do not drive through water. Water is expected to be high enough and strong enough to stall vehicles and/or wash them completely off the road. It is difficult to judge the depth of floodwater. Those on the Texas coast are being warned to leave the area. Travellers should be aware that the ground is already saturated from previous rainfall and flooding.