Flu declining in Canada and USA as winter season ends (update)

Canada - Overall influenza activity continued to decline nationwide. However the proportion of infections with influenza B virus increased. There was localized activity in southern British Columbia and Ontario with only sporadic activity in other areas.

USA - In general, influenza activity continued to decline, although flu infections are still occurring. Influenza B virus is now causing most of the new infections. One state, Michigan, reported high flu activity and five states and New York City reported moderate activity for the week of March 10-16. The remaining 44 states and New York City reported low or minimal activity.

Influenza viruses are transmitted from person to person byinhaling small airborne respiratory droplets created when infectious personscough, sneeze or laugh. These viruses are also spread by hand-to-hand andhand-to-mouth contact. Maintaining a small distance (1 meter) from a personwith a respiratory illness and frequent hand washing will help reduce the riskof exposure. This year, the currently available vaccine provides a good degreeof protection (up to 65%) against the currently circulating influenza viruses.

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