Flu (influenza virus) activity -- world summary

In Canada and the United States, flu virus activity appears to be decreasing somewhat, but in Mexico, the number of reported cases due to the H1N1 strain continues to increase. This strain often causes serious illness in younger people and adolescents. In Europe, influenza activity continues to increase, particularly in the south.

In eastern Asia (e.g., China, Mongolia), influenza activity is high with the H1N1 strain being the most common virus. In western Asia (Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, and Turkey), influenza activity was increasing due to the regular H3N2 strain. In Egypt, the H1N1 strain is very active.

In tropical countries and in the southern hemisphere, influenza activity was variable or low.

Maintaining a small distance (1 meter) from a person with a respiratory illness and frequent hand washing will help reduce the risk of exposure. This year, the available vaccine provides a good degree of protection against the currently circulating influenza viruses.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Flu.

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