France: Update on strike action leading up to Euro 2016

Strikes will continue in France this week. Several unions across various sectors have announced strikes, including some that will affect public transportation, rail travel, air traffic control, public transportation in Paris and oil refinery operations.

  • On May 31, a 24-hour nationwide rail strike is planned beginning at 09:00.

  • From June 2, an open-ended strike will affect the Paris public transportation system. Metro, bus and RER rail services will be affected.

  • For Tuesday, June 14, unions have called for nationwide walk-outs and street protests.

  • Beginning June 14, air traffic controllers and other civil aviation workers plan to strike from June 3 to June 5.

Euro 2016: The French trade union federation, SUD, has called for indefinite local transport strikes from June 10 in all 10 towns and cities hosting Euro 2016 events.

Advice For Travellers

The effect that various strike actions will have is not clear. However, expect and be prepared for travel disruption due to protests and strikes. Verify your travel plans to determine if your itinerary is affected. Be prepared for transportation delays or cancellations.

To minimize safety risk, avoid large public gatherings or demonstrations. Even peaceful situation can quickly and unexpectedly escalate and become violent.