Hepatitis A cases increase in Yucatan, Mexico

There have been 326 cases of hepatitis A reported in Yucatan State in 2012, compared to only 190 cases reported in 2011. This increase does not imply that there is an epidemic of this infection. Most of the hepatitis A infections occur in childhood in environments where sanitation and food and water standards may be poor. Since infection confers long lasting immunity, most adults have acquired immunity as a result of childhood infection. However, travellers from other areas of the world may not have been exposed to this infection as children and may be susceptible to infection from the environment they are visiting. In Mexico, out of a population of approximately 113 million people, about 74 million have acquired some degree of immunity to this infection.

Travellers should be aware that hepatitis A is preventable through vaccination. When there is a risk of exposure to hepatitis A virus, travellers can reduce this risk by obtaining the vaccine prior to travelling and by exercising caution and avoiding consuming contaminated food and water.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Hepatitis A.

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