Latest Ebola outbreak update - Guinea, Liberia, Canada

In Guinea , where an outbreak of Ebola virus in remote villages in southern Guinea (Gueckedou) is continuing, there have been 87 cases so far, with 61 deaths.

In neighbouring Liberia , samples from six suspected Ebola cases are being sent to a laboratory for confirmation. Five of the 6 cases have already died. It is suspected that these cases may have come across the border from Guinea to obtain medical care in hospitals in northern Liberia.

In Canada , a person who was travelling in Liberia returned home and became ill with symptoms suggesting Ebola. Samples have been sent to a laboratory for confirmation. This patient is in isolation in a hospital in Saskatchewan, and there is no risk of spread to the general population.

While the risk of exposure to Ebola virus for the general traveller is very low, the possible case in Canada illustrates that the risk for any infectious disease may be quite different depending on the traveller's activities and destinations during their travels.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Ebola Viral Disease.

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