Leptospirosis in Maharashtra, India

So far this year, approximately 130 people have been infected with leptospirosis in coastal areas of Maharashtra. Nineteen people have died. The highest number of deaths have occurred in Mumbai. Other affected areas include Palghar, Raigad, Ratnagiri, and Sindhudurg and also in rice cultivating areas of Vidarbha and tribal areas in Pune district. At least 45 villages have been identified as high risk areas for this infection.

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Advice For Travellers

Leptospirosis is acquired through skin exposure (especially if there are open wounds) to water or damp soil that has been contaminated by an infected animal's urine. During the current monsoon season, the ground is often damp or wet and may be soiled with urine from infected animals (mice, rats, cows). Travellers should wear impermeable footwear and avoid contact with soil and water, especially in rural areas.