Many killed as heavy snow and avalanches hit Afghanistan and Pakistan

Many people have been killed after heavy snow covered parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Along the Afghan-Pakistani border today, a series of avalanches killed at least 59 people. Others have been killed in northeastern Afghanistan’s Barg-e-Matal district an area about 150 miles northeast of Kabul. In Pakistan, an avalanche in the Shed Shai village in the district of Chitral left at least 14 dead.


The snowfall has damaged major roads in Afghanistan, including the the main Kabul-Kandahar Highway. The Salang pass, north of Kabul, was also closed due to as much as two and a half metres of snow. In Pakistan, all inter-district roads in Chitral were closed, while a major highway linking Chitral to the Dir district, and another linking parts of the upper Swat valley were only open to traffic under restrictions.

Infrastructure to these areas is damaged. Roads may be impassable. Check with local authorities before travelling in these areas at this time.