Measles outbreak in Ethiopia and Kenya with at least 17,584 cases, 114 deaths.

The United Nations has confirmed a major outbreak of measles in Ethiopia and Kenya with at least 17,584 cases, including 114 deaths. At least 462 of the cases and 11 deaths have occurred in recent months among Somali refugee children in the Kenyan refugee complex Dadaab. The WHO says the risk of measles, cholera, and typhoid epidemics is increased in East Africa due to the movement of people and poor sanitation in overcrowded camps and towns due to drought and violence.

Travellers to East Africa should be aware of the increased risk of exposure to the highly infectious measles virus and other diseases. Travellers should ensure that all their childhood vaccinations are up-to-date.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Measles.

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