Measles outbreaks reported in many countries

Measles cases and outbreaks are being reported by the following countries:

  • Canada - 18 cases in Ontario, 10 of whom are in Toronto; 10 cases in Quebec
  • USA - Adults 20 years and older make up 59 percent of measles cases in California outbreak; 154 cases in 2015 in 17 states
  • Nigeria - Adamawa State with over 17 cases
  • Germany (Berlin) -outbreak continues in Berlin and State of Brandenburg with 583 cases and 1 infant death since October
  • Russia (Rostov) - 3,247 cases
  • Vanuatu - 11 suspected cases
  • Kyrgyzstan - 7,477 cases since last year with 2 infant deaths
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - nationwide outbreak with 5,340 cases
  • Georgia - 100 new cases this year
  • Kazakhstan - 220 more cases this year

Outbreaks of measles can occur frequently anywhere in the world at any time. Unvaccinated travellers often spread the disease when they return to their countries. Travellers can reduce their risk of exposure to measles virus by ensuring that their childhood vaccinations, including measles, are up-to-date prior to travelling.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Measles.

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