Meningitis vaccination required for Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia

Pilgrims travelling to the Hajj must present proof of having been vaccinated against meningitis, or they will not be allowed entry into Saudi Arabia. A yellow registration card for the travellers is available from a government primary health centre or preventive care centre in any of the emirates. The card will have to be produced at the airport or the border.

Meningitis vaccination is valid for three years.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Meningitis.

Advice For Travellers

In addition, pilgrims should also be immunized against hepatitis A, which is food-borne; hepatitis B, which is contracted through body fluids and blood; and pneumococcal diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory infections. However, all these are optional.

Ideally, travellers should obtain their vaccinations at least four weeks before their date of travel to allow for their immunity to develop. However, the government will accept immunization certificates up to ten days before the expected travel date.