More cases of polio-like illness associated with enterovirus EV-D68 infection

The following states have reported new cases of polio-like illness in children associated with infection with the respiratory enterovirus EV-D68..


  • Colorado 1 new case
  • Missouri (St. Louis), 2 cases
  • Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), 3 cases


  • Ontario (Hamilton, 4 cases; Toronto, 2 cases)

Investigations into the possible association of this illness with infection by the respiratory enterovirus EV-D68 are continuing. Respiratory infections with this virus are widespread in the USA and increasing in Canada.

EV-D68 virus is transmitted through the air like the flu virus. Travellers can reduce the risk of exposure by following the same precautions for flu, i.e., maintaining a small distance (1 meter) from a person with a respiratory illness and frequent hand washing will help reduce the risk of infection.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Flu.

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