Multiple outbreaks of dengue fever in Brazil

Rio Claro, São Paulo State

Health authorities have reported a total of 568 dengue cases which represents an increase of 88 cases in the past week. 

Tambaú, São Paulo State

Health authorities have declared an epidemic of dengue fever with a total of 122 confirmed
dengue casesso far in 2011. Another 147 persons are suspected of having dengue and are waiting for laboratory results to confirm their illness.

Sertãozinho, São Paulo State

A total of 885 cases of dengue fever have been reported since the beginning of 2011. Approximately 12 new cases are being discovered every day. 

Presidente Prudente, São Paulo State

An epidemic situation now exists in this city with the registration of 112 cases of dengue fever. An additional 56 cases are suspected of having this infection. 

Sorocaba, São Paulo State

So far in 2011, health authorities have registered a total of 1,034 cases of dengue fever. Most of these cases were acquired from local mosquitoes.

Rio de Janeiro City and State

The city of Rio de Janeiro has seen record numbers of cases of dengue fever. In the past week, a total of 4,330 new cases were recorded, bringing the total this year to 34,734 confirmed cases. Health care facilities are diagnosing approximately 600-620 new cases per day. There have been 19 deaths in the city.

The entire state has recorded 52 dengue deaths so far this year among the 77,264 cases registered. These include the cases from the city of Rio de Janeiro. 

Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State

Health authorities in the city of Natal have registered a total of 2,859 cases of dengue fever. Across the state, 10,941 cases have been reported. 

Travellers should be aware that many areas of Brazil have experienced large outbreaks of dengue fever. Travellers should be concerned about possible exposure to dengue and take all necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Dengue Fever.

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