New case of Ebola in Liberia is a setback

After almost 2 months without any new cases of Ebola, there is a report of a new Ebola death in the village of Nedowian in Margibi County. While this new case represents a setback for the country, Ebola response teams quickly identified the new case and are moving swiftly to identify and contain any possible spread from this case.

Meanwhile, the virus is continuing to resist elimination measures in Sierra Leone and Guinea. Although confined to certain geographic ares, new cases continue to be identified.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Ebola Viral Disease.

Advice For Travellers

Although the Ebola virus is proving difficult to eliminate in Western Africa, the risk of exposure for most travellers is very low, unless the traveller is a health care worker where Ebola is being treated or a family member caring for a person infected with Ebola.

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