Plague outbreak in Moramanga, Madagascar

Health officials have reported an outbreak of pneumonic (lung) plague in Moramanga in the province of Toamasina. There are 12 patients, 8 of whom have died. The World Health Organization has noted that the number of plague cases has steadily increased over the last 3 years, making Madagascar the world's most affected country by plague. Last year, between September 2014 to February 2015, there were 263 people who were infected and at least 71 of them died.

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Advice For Travellers

Pneumonic (lung) plague can be spread from person to person through coughing. Without proper protection, the risk of infection can be very high for persons providing care for a person with plague in their lungs. Travellers should avoid caring for ill persons who are coughing and who might be infected. In addition, travellers can reduce the risk of exposure to plague by taking all necessary measures to avoid flea bites in areas where plague commonly occurs.