Protests continue across Pakistan - update

About 7000 people have left the city of Lahore in cars, trucks and buses, and the number is expected to grow as the crowd heads toward Islamabad. Also in the city of Quetta, protests continue for the third day with a main road blocked with about 90 coffins of people killed in explosions. Protests are also taking place in about five areas of Karachi where railway lines and the road connecting the airport to the city are blocked. This protest is coinciding with another demonstration march against government corruption expected to arrive in Islamabad tomorrow. In anticipation of this protest, main transportation lines are sealed off, the public has been warned that the Taliban could attack the march, and 10,000 police officers will be stationed along the march route. This threat has led to Monday's closure of schools, embassies, and businesses.

Travellers should avoid these demonstrations as the situation can become violent. Essential services, including transportation, are expected to be disrupted.

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