Protests in Athens, Greece - General Warning

Today about 5000 people gathered in Omonia Square to protest racist attacks in Greece after parading the coffin of a Pakistani immigrant through Athens.

This is a general warning that travellers should be aware that although Greece is a stable country, protests and strikes have been occurring regularly due to the economic and political problems in Greece.
Ultra-nationalist groups are calling for the expulsion of illegal immigrants. There are reports of unprovoked harassment or attacks against persons who are or appear to be foreign migrants. These attacks occur in public places by groups of men, sometimes with faces covered and dressed in black. Also there are confirmed reports that when conducting sweeps for illegal immigrants, police have detained citizens of other countries based on their appearance.

Travellers who are of non-Caucasian descent (Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian or African) are possibly at risk of violent attack. These travellers should take precautions for personal security. Avoid the vicinity of Omonia Square and Exarchia Square.

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